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Hair Loss Finasteride Oral / Regro Spray


A less popular, but equally effective method to treat balding (alopecia) or hair loss is with Finasteride tablets made by the Propecia brand, consumed orally. Specifically made to combat male pattern baldness, it should not be taken by women.



Finasteride helps to block the actions taken by the 5-alpha reductase, which prevents this particular enzyme from turning testosterone in the male body to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), greatly reducing the unwanted effect it has on your scalp’s hair follicles, and in turn lowering the amount of hair loss.

The recommended dosage is 1mg and should be consumed once daily, and should result in a drastic reduction in hair loss after a few months of consumption. New hair should start to regrow within this few months. As it is a long term treatment, you should continue to take these Finasteride tablets as long as your doctor recommends it to you. If treatment is suddenly stopped, your newly grown hair may begin to shed in a few months, with your scalp eventually returning to its balding condition.


Note that consuming Finasteride tablets may result in a lower libido, and some individuals may also experience weaker erections during the initial weeks of treatment. However, this side effect should subside naturally in a few weeks and will not cause long-term issues as the drug is safe.

It is also possible to combine oral Finasteride with the Regro 5% (Minoxidil) hair spray. This may boost its effect on your scalp, reversing the effects of hair loss more effectively and quickly. However, this also depends on the doctor’s recommendation, and your medical history and physical examinations will be taken into account during the consultation to decide on the best treatment for you.


Hair Loss Finasteride Oral Medication

Results of Hair Loss Medicine

Hair Loss Oral Medication

Finasteride Oral Medication


Minoxidill Regro Spray


This is a medicinal hair spray that can reverse the effects of balding, sold under the Regro, Regaine or Rogaine brands. Men and women can use this spray without any issue, and it is effective at treating the balding of the crown.


Use it twice daily, with 5-6 sprays each time. It helps to vasodilate the blood vessels in your scalp, boosting the blood circulation in that area and will lead to more oxygen, blood and nutrients flowing. After a few months of usage, it should stop the shedding of hair and new hair should start to grow after this. As it is a long-term treatment, do use the spray regularly as your new hair may begin to fall out if the spray is underutilised.

No side effects are usually associated with treatment, but individuals that have suffered heart conditions, chest pains and fainting previously should check with your doctor about the spray. During the consultation session, our doctors will thoroughly check your medical history and test your condition to ensure that the hair spray is safe to use.

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