5 Questions About Crystal Tomato Plus Treatment

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You may be wondering what is crystal tomato skin supplement? It is a treatment procedure designed to give you healthy skin simply by consuming pills orally. Premier Clinic is one of the only places to get crystal tomato treatment in Malaysia, but many people tend to get confused over what it actually does given its intriguing name. Here are five of the most common questions that are asked about crystal tomato treatment.

How does crystal tomato treatment work

1. How does crystal tomato treatment work?

As mentioned earlier, all you have to do is just consume the caplet provided orally to get healthy skin. There is no complicated skin regimen that you have to follow, nor is there any pain or discomfort associated with the skin supplement.

It is known as an anti-aging treatment because of its rejuvenating effect that gives you healthy skin. This helps to boost the production of glutathione, which is widely considered to be the body’s main anti-oxidant. Without its presence, your skin cells are likely to die at a much faster rate.

 inside the pill for crystal tomato

2. What exactly is inside the pill for crystal tomato treatment?

The pill is made from completely natural food and does not contain any kind of preservative. It is made using a fully natural tomato that has not been genetically altered, with these kinds of tomatoes not available for general sale. It is specifically cultivated for the sole purpose of making your skin healthier, which shows in its results.

Key ingredients include natural tomato as well as L-cysteine, which is an amino acid that is already in your body, meaning that there will be no negative reactions to it. In fact, the L-cysteine helps to boost the production of glutathione, which is the key anti-oxidant that your body needs as mentioned earlier. It also contains colourless carotenoids, known as CLC, which are a type of natural substance found in pigments that are synthesised by plants.

 benefits of crystal tomato

3. What are the benefits of crystal tomato?

The carotenoids help to absorb light in the ultra-violet range, meaning it can protect your skin from harmful UV damage caused by the sun’s rays. It also neutralises the influence of free radicals thanks to its anti-oxidant effect.

It can also reduce the amount of melanin present in your skin blemishes, so not only does it rejuvenate your skin to become healthier, it can also lighten your skin tone. This will also result in the reduction of the number of freckles, dark acne scars and age spots found on your skin.

Can crystal tomato be combined with other treatments

4. Can crystal tomato be combined with other treatments?

Yes, it can! Think of it as just another food supplement that happens to help to heal your skin. As it is just an orally administered treatment, it is safe to combine it with other skin treatments or regiments to help you appear younger. There is no issue with applying sunscreen lotion or moisturiser to keep your skin well-hydrated.


5. Is crystal tomato safe? What are the side effects?

Scientific research has also concluded that a person can consume 5,000 caplets daily for the remainder of their live and not be affected negatively. However, this treatment should be avoided by individuals that are allergic to tomatoes. Aside from this, there are no known negative side effects as a result of consuming crystal tomato caplets.

If you would like to know more about crystal tomato skin supplement for healthy skin, or potential procedures available to improve your skin, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 012-662 5552 (TTDI/Bangsar/KL City branch) or 016-706 0101 (Puchong branch) to schedule a free consultation session. Alternatively, you may email us at contactus@premier-clinic.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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