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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Balding / Hair Loss


The average person tends to lose about 50-100 hairs each day, but this loss of hair is usually unnoticeable. However, excessive loss of hair may start appearing unsightly and leave bald patches on your head. Factors that might contribute to this include aging, some medical conditions and hormonal changes, but most of the time it is usually your genes.

Also known as alopecia, balding can affect members of either gender and will result in hair volume decreasing over time. Bald spots will become more prominent and hair might also become weak, which can result in big clumps falling out when combing or washing hair. Thyroid problems or scalp infections should also be treated as it can be a factor in hair loss.


Blood is drawn from the patient in platelet-rich plasma therapy, and is a technique that is akin to a blood test. Using a special machine, blood is separated into platelets, blood cells and serums. The elements are reintroduced into your body which will catalyse hair growth once more.

Platelets will release growth factors which help to stimulate formerly inactive follicles to produce new strands of hair to replace falling strands. This will fight against hair thinning and balding, while also helping to heal your scalp’s skin, ensuring it becomes much healthier over time as new tissue is produced.

Your doctor will advise you on a suitable number of sessions for best results, but this will vary from person to person.


You should expect to see noticeable hair growth in about 2 months, but results are usually more visible after 5-8 months of treatment. Continuous improvement should be noticeable for up to one year, after which you can opt for top-up treatments to maintain hair thickness.

Minimal bruising and swelling may be experienced up to a week following treatment, but it will subside as it is minor. You can wash your hair straight away after treatment, and almost no downtime is needed at all. However, you are advised to avoid strenuous activity until swelling subsides. As the body’s natural plasma is used, it is safer and more effective than other methods and there is also very little risk of serious side effects.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is an effective hair restoration for natural looking results. Look at the before and after the treatment:

prp injection for hair loss therapy

platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss

hair loss treatment with prp injection
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