Genital Whitening Getting More Popular Nowadays

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Genital whitening for men and women is getting more popular nowadays. Genital whitening is a trend made popular in Bangkok. It then became the latest trend all over the world, including in Malaysia also.

Premier Clinic with its branches in TTDI, Bangsar, Puchong and KL City utilizes the latest laser to whiten the genital region. The area that may be treated for whitening includes penis, groin, inner thighs, buttocks and anus.

A dark groin skin tone may look unsightly or unattractive for many people. If the abdomen or thighs are fairer in skin tone but the genital region has darker skin tone, some people may think that the area appears unhygienic.

Premier Clinic’s latest q-switch Nd:YAG laser is safely utilised to whiten the skin tone and remove blemishes over the genital and surrounding region. The laser is completely painless and has no downtime whatsoever. Our patient can resume his normal activities such as going to work, sports or sexual activities right after the laser. There is no need to take time off or avoid his regular activities.

Each session of the genital whitening laser will improve the skin tone. A few sessions of genital whitening laser will offer ideal results. Laser sessions may be spaced once every 2 weeks to 4 weeks apart.

At Premier Clinic, your confidentiality is 100% assured. We have highly experienced male Drs for your privacy so you will feel comfortable.

If course, genital whitening laser isn’t just for men only. Ladies can also have whitening over the vaginal region with genital whitening laser.

Premier Clinic is also has permanent hair removal laser for those who prefers to remove their groin region hair.

Genital Skin Whitening for Men

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