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Dr. Michelle mentioned that usually they will choose Laser treatment for Permanent Hair Removal. Dr. Michelle Lai further explained that most of the hair removal laser doesn’t cause any pain, can be done after “hair area” been trim to a shorter length preferably 1-2mm and its a simple procedure that only consume 15-20minutes.

Dr. Michelle Lai further explain on the benefits on conducting permanent hair removal laser and also mentioned that the side effect of conducting the laser treatment. In addition, Dr. Michelle Lai


Uploaded video not only show Dr. Michelle thoughts on Permanent Hair Removal Laser Treatment but also a short procedure session on permanent hair removal laser. Get a short glimpse on how the volunteer feeling while she was getting her Permanent Hair Removal Laser done by Dr. Michelle Lai.

Video Transcript:
Hi good morning, I am Dr. Michelle Lai. Today I will be explaining what permanent hair reduction is. Usually this kind of treatment, we will be using lasers (Nd YAG laser) to perform this procedure. It will be conducted every month. Before we start the treatment, we will be applying a layer of numbing cream. While during the procedure, we will be using a cooler to reduce the discomfort. I can say that for most of the laser hair removal, it is a painless procedure.


What are you going to expect after this permanent hair removal?
First thing, there will be a reduction of the thickness of the hair. Before any laser treatment, the hairs are usually coarse and thick. So, after few sessions, you will realize your hair will still be growing but much thinner and finer. Secondly, you will find the density of the hair will be much lesser. Thirdly, it will reduce the rate and the duration of the hair growth.


So, what are the expectations that a patient will see after the treatment?
Right after the procedure, you will feel a bit of redness. But it will usually be resolved after 2 to 3 hours.


What is the side-effect after using the laser?
Sometimes where the patient has sensitive skin, will experience the redness for a longer time. Or maybe using too many lasers, which is conducted by the non-experienced, it will cause burn injury. However, these side effects will never happen if you choose a doctor that able to perform very well of the laser hair removal.


How many courses to remove the hairs permanently fully?
Patients who have fewer hairs will need 5 to 6 sessions only to remove totally or sometimes it requires more sessions if it’s needed.


Now we are performing the procedure now with one our patient here in the armpit area. I just turn on the cooler here, it will be used for any discomfort during the treatment.


From here, this is the hair you can see. Before the laser, it is advisable to cut short the hair around 1-2mm. So, as you can see, this is quite a good length to perform the laser procedure. It is a 15 minute, lunch hour procedure. Right after the treatment, you can go back to your normal daily activities without any issues.
(Performing the laser hair removal on patient)


Dr. Michelle: How do you feel?
Patient: Ok.
Dr. Michelle: Do you feel pain?
Patient: Not really.
Dr. Michelle: Feel comfortable?
Patient: Not too bad.


So, as you can see here in this area after we have done the laser, there is not much redness but slight. This procedure is bearable. Don’t have to worry much.
(Turned on the other side)


Now we are doing the right side. You can see the hair curled up. It is a very good result of laser hair removal. No pain, no one shouting.


As you can see right after the procedure, we have shortened the hair, the hair all curled up. So that’s all for today. Next time I will see you again.


—– End Transcript —–

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