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Skin Fungal Infection Laser Treatment


There are many types of skin fungal infection, and these can affect almost any part of your body. Some conditions include ringworm, yeast infection, jock itch or athlete’s foot. Most of these infections are usually caused by candida, a type of fungus which grows and thrives in moist and warm conditions. Areas of the skin like folds, groin, armpits and others are potential bases for this fungus to grow, and should be thoroughly taken care of.

If conditions are suitable, fungus can really start to take root and can be caused by lack of hygiene, humid weather, or tight clothing and footwear. While your skin naturally defends itself against infections, any cuts or breaks on the surface may give the fungus a chance to set in and caue infections.


In most cases, skin fungal infections are not serious at all and can be treated using a variety of simple techniques.

One of the most common methods is a laser treatment which has been demonstrated to improve the condition of your skin after about 6 months in 85% of cases. Patients usually go through 1 session of Long Pulse Nd:YAG laser treatment each month to treat these area. Your doctor may even choose to focus laser treatment on your nails even if it does not display signs of infection – this helps to get rid of any potential fungus growing on it. Several sessions are needed to get the best possible results, with each swift session taking about 15 minutes on average.

The heart emitted from the laser will kill the fungi, eliminating all fungus cells in the target area which prevents it growing back in the future. You will not experience any major side effects, and can resume your regular activities straightaway as no downtime is needed.

At Premier Clinic, you will receive expert guidance and advice from our doctors regarding a suitable treatment for your particular case. Depending on the condition of your skin and the severity of infection, multiple techniques may be combined to optimise the chance of getting rid of the fungal infection as soon as possible. In addition to laser treatments, you may also be given skin creams or oral medication. Come schedule an appointment here at Premier Clinic so we can help diagnose your condition and recommend suitable treatments for you.






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