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Plexr Plasma Soft Surgery For Eyes

First invented in Italy as an innovative alternative to surgery, Plexr is a special handheld medical device which can treat various aesthetic issues around the eye area. The machine helps to form plasma by ionising the gases in the surrounding air, which forms a tiny electrical arc for treatment. It does not spread the undesirable heat to the skin.

Plexr plasma soft surgery can be used to treat upper or lower eyelids that are sagging or wrinkles around the area. In addition, it can diminish signs of scarring and even perform eyebrow lifting or blepharoplasty.

How it works

Known as “soft surgery”, the Plexr medical device helps to retract the skin of the eyelids, creating combustion with the skin corneocytes which does not affect any of the surrounding skin tissue. Following the session, you will notice fine grey-brown scales known as carbon dust left behind, but these remnants will slowly disappear a few days after treatment.

Prior to Plexr plasma soft surgery beginning, a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied to help reduce any discomfort or pain during the procedure to a minimum. Once the skin surrounding the eyes are disinfected, the treatment commences. You may experience minor pain and heat but this is tolerable. After the procedure is finished, tiny brown or black combustion points will be seen in the selected treatment area.


After Plexr plasma soft surgery, your eyes might swell up but this will slowly subside in the coming two to three days but this may depend on the individual. However, the carbon dust left behind will take about four to 10 days to disappear. You should not pick, rub, or scratch the treatment area during the recovery stage as it can diminish results.

You should avoid this particular procedure if you are currently pregnant or have a very dark skin tone. This is due to the potential risk of hypopigmentation (pale spots) or hyperpigmentation (inflammatory dark spots) developing, especially if the carbon crusts are scratched.

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