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Nail Fungal Infection Laser Treatment


Also known as onychomycosis, nail fungal infections are a common occurrence that can affect many adults in Asia. Some estimates even put this figure at about 60%! The process is usually pain-free and may only have discolouration or a thickened nail as symptoms. This usually means many people are not even aware that the nail is infected!

There are many causes for this, with other fungal infections such as athlete’s foot often spreading from toes to nails. Walking barefoot in damp areas where fungi grow (such as around swimming pools) can also cause this. A damaged nail is a common starting point for any infection, while aging and bad footwear choice and maintenance are other factors as well.

The most common fungi causing this are dermatophytes and candida, but both can be treated similarly.


If it is detected early on, curing fungal toenails is easy. The toenails can also be allowed to grow naturally following treatment. During the consultation session, our doctors will give you advice regarding the best treatment options for effective results. You can usually choose from:

  • Topical anti-fungal treatments applied over a few months
  • Strong anti-fungal tablets consumed orally over several months
  • Infected nails removed surgically (in extreme cases only)
  • Swift laser treatment that eliminates fungus painlessly

In addition, we also offer a thinning procedure at Premier Clinic which can help to drastically reduce treatment time. A scalpel will be used to thin the infected nail, reducing treatment time since there is less surface area to treat. You should not attempt this at home as the procedure requires a lot of skill, and may cause harm or spread the infection more if done incorrectly.

We use the Candela GentleYAG laser for this particular treatment, which uses a very specific wavelength (1,064nm). Clinical research on the treatment has shown that there is a drastic reduction of fungal spores in the months after treatment, and in most cases studied, the spores are completely eliminated from the surface of the skin.

At Premier Clinic, your doctor may also opt to combine a series of treatments in order to boost the likelihood of a complete recovery. Any of the treatments mentioned above may be combined, but this will vary depending on your particular situation as well as the initial diagnosis.








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