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MesoLipo Fat Melting Injection for Cellulite


Cellulite consists of fat building up below your skin, which makes it appear uneven as it is pressed up against your connective tissue. This makes the skin appear bumpy. It is completely harmless and does not indicate obesity at all, but some individuals choose to get treatment as it may appear unsightly. Cellulite in your body might be hereditary, but it may also be caused by other reasons including an unbalanced diet, slow metabolic rate or even dehydration among others.


Developing some cellulite is a rite of passage that most people tend to go through at least once! It is not simple to treat as it needs plenty of time and discipline if traditional techniques are used. Following the mesotherapy technique, MesoLipo fat melting injection specifically targets localised fats and cellulite deposits, and is also much less invasive than liposuction. The injection helps to slowly dissolve these deposits, and your body’s natural processes should gradually eliminate the residue in the following 3 to 4 weeks.

MesoLipo fat melting injections can be done swiftly during visits, getting rid of your cellulite without requiring extensive and invasive surgical techniques. The injections are made up of a mixture that utilises natural soy bean lecithin and enzymes. This helps to effectively break down the deposits of stubborn fat cells, which may have previously resisted your efforts during exercising and dieting.



  • Painless procedure without discomfort means there is no need for a general anaesthetic
  • Quick recovery and you can return to work immediately
  • More cost effective compared to alternatives
  • Helps to contour body, giving you a more shapely figure
  • Reduces cellulite and improves skin appearance over time

Over the last decade or so, doctors around the world have successfully used mesotherapy techniques to great effect on hundreds of thousands of individuals. Other practitioners and non-medical spas have had problems implementing this treatment; it is of utmost importance that you seek a professional doctor from a reputable clinic to ensure your safety, as well as reducing any chance of undesirable outcomes.

In a proper clinic, this method is highly effective to getting rid of localised fat deposits and cellulite, with results likely to be noticeable after 4 or more sessions. Procedures are quick, and side effects that you may experience are minor, such as bruising, swelling or soreness.



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