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LED Photomodulation Therapy for Balding

LED Light Therapy


Most people usually lose about 50-100 strands of hair each day but this is usually unnoticeable. Unfortunately, some individuals might experience excessive hair loss which can look unsightly, as well as leaving large bald spots on the scalp. Although aging is a primary cause for hair thinning, hormonal changes, genetics or medical issues can also cause this.

Also known as alopecia, hair loss or balding is visible with hair that is thinning at the top of your head, and may affect individuals of both genders. Bald patches may also form, or a sudden weakening or loosening of hair which may lead to large clumps falling out during combing or washing. Do check if you are suffering from thyroid problems, scalp infections or other skin issues as these may all be the cause of hair loss.


With the target area absorbing light in a specified wavelength, LED light therapy helps to boost the energy levels of the molecules affected. After this, the energy is burned off using adaptive changes which might be chemical or physical, affecting the surrounding tissue biologically. This will then encourage the cells to regrow hair in areas where it is thinning, with follicles that no longer grow hair induced to start growing new strands again.

Low Laser Light Therapy for Hair Loss Treatment

Government agencies like the NAVY Seals and NASA, as well as doctors, have made full use of this technology to heal wounds and regenerate muscle. As it is non-invasive, your skin will not be harmed and it has been shown to be a safe procedure. There is also no chance of thermal damage or physical trauma, and the treatment is suitable for individuals of all ages.


Balding Issue

Just like the process of photosynthesis, the body requires sunlight to start producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), used to fuel metabolic processes that breaks down enzymes, essential proteins and more. The tissue also uses ATP to speed up the process of healing and rejuvenation in the targeted treatment area.

Your doctor will offer advice regarding a suitable number of sessions, as multiple treatments are needed to maintain hair regrowth. This might vary from person to person, but the extra sessions will help to ensure that hair stays healthy, vibrant and full!



Phototherapy has been used by medical practitioners for over three decades. It doesn’t cause any heat and discomfort towards patients as it’s non-invasive treatment to maximise the results.

LED Light Treat Balding
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