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How These Stem Cells From Fat Can Improve Your Health

How These Stem Cells From Fat Can Improve Your Health


Stem cells are the cells that can reproduce and duplicate itself to replace the damaged cells and tissues in our body. It has long been used to help with various illnesses such as stroke, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson, Alzheimer, wound healing, spinal cord injury, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy, and diabetes. 

There are various ways to extract stem cells, one of it is LipoCell. LipoCell Stem Cell is a stem cell procedure whereby we extract the adipose stem cells from your own fat. By the extraction of fat, it can help sculpt your body as well as improve your general health. 

LipoCell Stem Cell

Other ways to extract stem cells include embryonic stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, and perinatal stem cells. The problems we often face with embryonic stem cells and perinatal stem cells is that it is acquired from the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid from when a baby is born. Thus, it raises issues of the source – who, when? 

As for the bone marrow stem cells, it has to be extracted from our own spinal cord – which is very risky. Any mishaps can cause paralysis. 

Therefore, the easiest and most convenient to do is by doing LipoCell Stem Cell. The procedure is less risky as the fat is obtained from belly or love handles, and it does not pose any health risks. 

LipoCell Stem Cell LipoCell Stem Cell LipoCell Stem Cell LipoCell Stem Cell



Firstly, during your consultation session, the doctor will examine your physical health to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Then, a syringe of blood will be extracted to be processed into Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) which function is to break down the fat cells into smaller particles. 

Then, you will be injected with local anesthesia at the donor area of your choice. This is to reduce any discomfort or pain. Note that this area will shrink after the procedure, so it is best to choose from areas that have plenty of fat such as belly, love handles and thighs. 

How These Stem Cells From Fat Can Improve Your Health

As the fat extraction process begins, the doctor will insert a cannula into your donor area and probe it inside and out to get the fat in the cannula. Do not worry as the process is not painful. The anesthesia will numb your donor area so you would not feel a thing. 

Then, the extracted fat will be processed to separate the fat from pure stem cell. This process will be done via centrifuge. The estimated number of stem cells that can be extracted is 25,000/liter of fat. 

Next, the pure stem cell will be extracted and inserted into your body through localised injection or IV drip. The whole procedure from consultation to insertion takes about 4 hours to complete. 

How These Stem Cells From Fat Can Improve Your Health



The donor area should be treated accordingly with anti-inflammatory and anti-infection cream. Our clinic will provide this after the procedure. It will take about 2 weeks for your donor area to fully heal. Note that minor bruises and redness is normal as the area will go through a process called apoptosis. 

Besides that, there is nothing you should worry about LipoCell Stem Cell. 

LipoCell Stem Cell  LipoCell Stem Cell  LipoCell Stem Cell



Premier Clinic doctors are experienced and qualified to perform LipoCell Stem Cell procedure. We have performed LipoCell hundreds of times and have high satisfaction rate from our customers. You may walk into our clinics which are opened daily from 10am to 7pm in Bangsar, TTDI, Puchong, Mont Kiara, and KL City.

Alternatively, you may call our customer service executives at +6012-662-5552 to reserve a consultation session with our expert doctors. 

LipoCell Stem Cell

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