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Double Suture and Twist (DST)

This revolutionary treatment was first invented back in 2001 in Japan, but has now made its way to Malaysia. It was created to be an alternative treatment for double eyelid surgery, designed to be minimally invasive which is suitable for individuals concerned about surgery. During the process, no deep incisions are made and it is a treatment that is swift and uncomplicated. Only 30 to 40 minutes are required for each eye to be treated.

How it works

Three tiny incisions will be made in each of your upper eyelids, with two sutures carefully inserted into each one. Using a special technique, your doctor will then twist the sutures about four to five times before tying them together. This helps to create a natural-looking crease in the upper eyelid to give it a double eyelid effect.

The lower part of the skin on the eyelid will be pulled back whenever the eyes are open, giving them a bigger and brighter appearance. Any scarring will be minimal and not permanent.

However, it should be noted that the double suture and twist procedure may not be suitable for all individuals. It is quicker and less painful than traditional double eyelid surgery, but its nature as a non-incisional alternative can mean that it might be less effective. There is also the chance that sutures may break off, which can lessen the double eyelid effect. Despite this, the treatment tends to last fairly long – about five years on average.

This may also not be suitable for individuals with plenty of fatty tissue surrounding the eyelids, or for those with sagging eyelids. Do consult with your doctor to determine whether this particular treatment is suitable for you.





Compared to normal double eyelid surgery, there is minimal swelling as a result of the double suture and twist procedure. It takes about an average of one week, for most patients to recover fully, but this may vary depending on the individual.

Do call or email to enquire about double suture and twist treatment, or arrange a consultation session with our highly experienced team of professional doctors to see if this procedure is a suitable treatment for you.

Before and After

Double Eyelid Stitching Before & After 01


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