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Crystal Tomato for Beautiful Skin



This supplement helps to protect against the environment’s more aggressive elements, making use of colourless carotenoids which have been scientifically proven to benefit the skin, improving the clarity. Acting as a natural sunscreen, it absorbs light that falls in the ultraviolent range which prevents skin damage from UV rays.

It also helps to limit the melanin synthesis in your skin, controlling the pigmentation levels in the skin which can brighten and lighten its complexion. As the supplement is colourless, your skin remains unaffected.

Other benefits for the skin includes protection from harmful UV rays as aforementioned, in addition to lowering the levels of pigmentation in your skin by preventing more melanin from forming. Clinical research conducted also showed that the natural SPF of skin can increase by up to 20%, reducing skin darkening as a result of sun exposure.

It can also act as a super antioxidant, prolonging the life span of cell DNA as it stops free radicals in its tracks, resulting in delayed aging.




You simply need to consume the caplets provided orally. That’s all. There is no pain or discomfort which may be associated with other methods of skin lightening.

Made from natural food, this supplement does not contain preservatives of any form. A 100% natural tomato that has not been genetically modified is used to make the caplets, with these special tomatoes unavailable for general sale.

Scientific studies showed that individuals can consume up to 5,000 caplets of Crystal Tomato on a daily basis for the rest of their lives, and still not suffer any negative side effects. As it contains natural tomatoes and L-cysteine – an amino acid already present within the body – it is approved by the FDA. Unfortunately, individuals allergic to tomatoes should avoid this treatment.



It is recommended to take one Crystal Tomato caplet per day, but it is alright to consume more as it does not cause any harm. The supplement should be consumed daily for at least 2-3 months before any changes in skin fairness become noticeable. However, some people have reported visible changes after only 3 weeks!


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