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Caverject: Reliving Youthful Sex Drive



Having a satisfactory sex life is an important component of a healthy, long lasting relationship.  However, some of Massachusetts Male Aging Study researches shown that 52% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and this number increases significantly with age, causing men to not having sexual pleasure they desired.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a medical term used when the penis fails to achieve maximum erection when aroused. ED can result in disappointment and left sexually frustrated for the ED patients and their partners.

The actual cause of ED is poor physical and mental condition, which happens to be weaken by the aging process. Indirectly, this causing most people to believe erectile dysfunction is the result of aging. However, this is not really accurate as erectile dysfunction also affects men under 20-30 years old.




To help mend the situation, most men turn to oral pills and other available alternatives such as fillers and pumps. Besides that, there is also a safe, FDA-approved medication that is known to help patients reclaiming their full sexual potential called Caverject.

Caverject is an alprostadil, a medication to widen the blood vessels thus improving vascular blood flow into the penile shaft, giving you a maximum erection. Caverject enable you to have a full-on erection for 1 entire hour without compromising your safety and health.

Caverject differs from other treatments in its approach (by injection) and the immediate effect of just 5-10 minutes after the injection. This medication is approved by FDA so you should not have to worry about the side effects or risks associated with it.

Caverject how it work

Caverject how it work

Caverject how it work



Caverject is used by injecting the solution to the blood-filled area of the penis known as the penile shaft. During your consultation session with our doctor, you will be examined and an exact dose of Caverject will be given based on your condition. You’re advised to increase the dose over time until  have found the most appropriate dose for your erection.

1 single dose of Caverject would suffice for a good 1 hour of satisfying sexual experience. Should the erection last longer than 2 hours, you are suggested to reduce the dose gradually. However, if the erection lasted for 3 hours or more, it is wise to seek treatment or advice from our expert doctors.


CAVERJECT 20 µg 02

Caverject how it work

Caverject how it work



First of all, injecting Caverject into an already aroused erection is a big no-no. As Caverject encourages blood flow into the penis, it may cause blood overflowing and further complications should injected into the penile shaft.

However, if you have a penile implant or have any deformations on your penis such as angulation, Peyronie’s disease or fibrosis, this medication is not for you. If you have any medical condition that would result in increasing the risk of priapism also, this is not your best choice.

There is an instruction kit provided in the package to help guide you with any necessary information with the treatment e.g: mixing the solution and proper way to inject. Please note that the solution is to be injected immediately after the mixing. Any remaining solutions should be disposed accordingly.

Kindly store any unused vials should be stored between 2°C and 30°C without freezing them.

You’re advised to visit our doctor every 3 months after your first visit so we may examine if the medication works properly for you.



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