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Breast Augmentation via Fat Transfer

Premier Clinic is pleased to introduce a new form of breast augmentation in Malaysia, which can also act as a fat reducing treatment. This procedure is able to enhance your breasts’ shape and size using the additional fat in undesirable parts of your body. Not only can this ensure that the feel of your breast is more natural than if silicone implants are used, it can also contour parts of your body with excessive fat.

How it works

Pockets of fat from the targeted areas of your body will be transferred to the breasts, enhancing it in a subtle manner through a procedure that is minimally invasive. Possible areas where fat can be extracted from include your legs, love handles, stomach and even buttocks, with the breast augmentation treatment also doubling up as a quick way to eliminate your excess fat, especially if constant exercise and dieting fail to do the trick.

While patients can opt for normal breast implants to enhance the shape and size of their breasts, not everyone is willing to go under the knife or endure extensive surgical procedures. In addition, silicone implants may not be suitable for everyone so this particular breast augmentation treatment is a safer option to consider. As the fat used is from your own body, there is a lower chance of allergic or negative reactions.

The fat is extracted from the selected area of your body using an advanced liposuction technique. A local anaesthesia will also be used to ensure pain or discomfort is at a minimum. Prior to injecting the extracted fat into your breasts, it will be carefully refined and the shaping process will be handled by our highly experienced doctors. You should consult your doctor to ensure that the selected area has enough excess fat for this procedure to take place. Individuals with low body mass may not be suited to this particular treatment.



Minor bruising and swelling are the only side effects of this treatment, with minimal downtime needed. As a precaution, you should avoid any strenuous activity for the following one to two weeks after treatment, with your doctor on hand to guide you accordingly depending on your situation.

Premier Clinic charges RM20,000 for breast augmentation by fat transfer but this may vary depending on your condition or the work required for your case. Do not hesitate to contact us and consult our friendly staff if you have any queries or are interested in this treatment!

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