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Nipple Whitening Treatment

Some of you may be asking why you would need something like nipple whitening or areola whitening. Does it affect your health or improve wellbeing? The answer is no, but some people may feel like it does not look aesthetically pleasing, which is why such treatments are available.

Nipple Whitening Treatment

Why does your nipple go darker?

Dark nipples can be caused by several factors, one of which is puberty. During this time, your ovaries will have begun producing the oestrogen hormone, which leads to fat beginning to accumulate in your breast tissue. As the breasts continue to grow further, your nipples may get raised and result in the areola becoming darker in shade.

Your menstrual cycle can also be a cause for your nipples becoming darker. During your period, your areolas can change shape and colour, becoming darker for the duration of the cycle. Your breasts will also be swollen or tender during your period, but the dark nipples can be explained by the shifting of hormones at this time.

Oral contraceptives are also a potential cause, although this is not very well-known among women. As these pills contain different amounts of oestrogen and progesterone, they can affect your nipples and areolas much in the same way that puberty does.

Pregnancy is also another potential cause of dark nipples, with the additional oestrogen produced resulting in the areolae beginning to darken. This is part of the development process for the milk duct system, with dark nipples just a side effect of this.

nipple go darker

How does nipple / areola whitening work?

The q-Switch Nd:YAG laser will target the outlined treatment area with high energy light, which will help to remove the dark, top layer of skin and allow for a new layer to emerge. Due to the laser’s ability to penetrate the skin deeply without causing injury, your skin will be stimulated to produce fresh collagen to repair itself.

For nipple whitening or areola whitening, the q-Switch Nd:YAG laser treatment can be performed around 2-4 weeks apart for each session, which is not only safe, but also does not have any known side effects linked to it. Depending on your case, your doctor will advise you accordingly about how often to undergo each treatment session.

Although results are likely to vary from person to person, you should be able to notice a difference after the first session. Results will improve after each subsequent session, with the number of sessions depending on how much lighter you would like your dark nipples to be. There will be a mild, ticklish sensation during the treatment, but this should not affect you or the procedure itself.

q-Switch Nd:YAG laser

Before & After Laser Nipple Whitening Treatment

Nipple Whitening Before After

Nipple Whitening Before After

Nipple Whitening Before After

P1 Whitening Cream

Premier Clinic will also give all patients a special P1 whitening cream for skin to be applied to the nipple or areola area. Its ingredients include arbutin, niacin and more to enhance skin whitening and if completely safe for the nipple and areola as it does not include harsh ingredients like hydroquinone. This cream is exclusively distributed by Premier Clinic and cannot be found elsewhere, which means you are in good hands with our professional team of highly experienced doctors.

P1 Whitening Cream

At Premier Clinic, we will take your privacy extremely seriously as we understand that the subject or areola whitening or nipple whitening is not a topic that is widely discussed and may be a source of embarrassment for some.

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