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Best known for treating leukemia via stem cell transplants in the form of bone marrow transplants, the miracle of stem cell therapy has been around for decades. It has been used largely for the treatment of certain types of blood and immune system disorders. Stem cell therapy has also been used to help to rebuild the blood system after treatments for certain types of cancer.


What is Stem Cell Therapy?
Stem cell therapy uses a patient’s own stem cells to help repair injured or damaged tissues. The treatment is quick and easy to perform. It is normally administered swiftly through injections, and is a simple outpatient procedure.

joint pain treatmentThis treatment has been found to be effective to help injuries heal faster, reduce pain (even chronic joint pain), and increase functionality, range of motion and flexibility. Some of the most common conditions treated with stem cell therapy include osteoarthritis knee pain, tennis elbow, shoulder pains or rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, and Achilles tendon injuries. It can also help reduce nerve damage, increase collagen, help heal skin wounds and prevent formation of scar tissue, as well as reduce hair loss. The therapy can even help to generate new heart and blood vessel tissue. Overall, patients can shorten their recover time and get back to their regular selves soon too.

At present, there is great interest in stem cell research worldwide, as stem cells hold much potential in the treatment of many kinds of ailments and conditions. Countries such as Japan, Korea, Canada, USA and the UK are leading in stem cell research, and their governments are backing the worldwide movement with sizeable grants.


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?
Stem cells are usually taken from one of two locations in the patient’s body – the bone marrow or the adipose (fat) tissue in their upper thigh or abdomen. The material collected is then placed in a centrifuge machine, which spins very quickly, and functions to concentrate the substances that are most valuable, including the natural growth factors. After that, the concentrated stem cells are injected directly into the patient’s affected area. The cells’ growth factors will help to build new skin cells, connective tissue, etc.

Benefits can be felt almost immediately. Most patients will experience reductions in pain, improved mobility and better functionality in as soon as one to two treatments. Nonetheless, most patients need to undergo treatment for one week to three months, depending on individual conditions.

stem cell treatment benefits

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy
First of all, stem cell therapy can be used in the treatment of orthopaedic injuries. The type of stem cells used to treat orthopaedic injuries is called Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Clinical research so far has shown that MSCs are able to differentiate to form new orthopaedic tissues that make up muscle, bones, cartilage and tendons, ligaments and adipose tissue. In orthopedic care research, especially in the area of cartilage replacement, bone repair and soft-tissue repair, studies have shown that bone marrow stem cell injections can help to reduce chronic pain, heal stubborn injuries, and improve functionality. Patients can get back to their normal routine in a shorter time, sometimes within a week.

Secondly, stem cell therapy can be used to treat cardiovascular diseases. Clinical studies have suggested that stem cells taken from adult bone marrow can differentiate into cells required to repair the heart and blood vessels. This is primarily due to the multiple growth factors present.

Thirdly, research has shown that stem cell therapy can help improve the growth of healthy new skin tissue, and collagen production. Scar tissue can be replaced with newly formed healthy tissue. It can even stimulate the growth of new hair after loss or incisions.

Fourthly, steam cell therapy can be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases. Research in the treatment of Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and stroke found that transplanted adult stem cells can be used to form new brain cells, neurons and synapses resulting from cognitive degeneration or brain injuries.

Lastly, stem cell therapy might help in the treatment of ‘immune rejection’ disorders, including diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Clinical research has shown that certain adult stem cells can differentiate and produce insulin-producing cells that eventually could be used to treat people with diabetes. However, this research is still in the early stages and more extensive study is required, especially in developing reliable strategies for generating new cells and tissues that will not be rejected by the patient’s body.


Hope for the Future
hope for stem cell developmentThe most promising thing about stem cell therapy is that it offers relief for people who suffer from chronic pain and injuries that are hard to heal. Regarded as a form of ‘interventional pain-management’, and also known as a minimally invasive technique, the best part about stem cell therapy is medications and risky reconstructive surgeries are not required.

It is quite likely that stem cell therapy and its applications will continue to grow and evolve with each new development and discovery, as more research breakthroughs are paving the way towards better and higher quality healthcare. Today, scientists are conducting research into how stem cell therapy can be used to treat chronic conditions such as heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes, and their legacy will help to improve the lives of millions around the world and future generations to come.


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